foundation slippage 1979 house

I have a unique situation for you guys. I have a 1/8 inch crack in a foundation but the back half of the crack has shifted about 1/4 inch out. Has anyone seen something like this. This house is on a small degree of hill. Any suggestions would be great.

Fred, a few photos would help you get a good answer.

Or what portion of foundation, type of build etc.

In general, deflection can be an indication of at least some type of movement, if you aren’t sure what’s causing it, don’t be surprised as it may take some further evaluation from a specialist. As a home inspector, noticing the crack and deflection was a service unto itself that may have gone unnoticed by the buyer.

I agree.

Reporting the existence of the material defect is within the scope of a home inspection. Reporting on its cause or the degree of the structural integrity of the building is not.

Hello all,

I totally agree as home inspectors our job is to point out these issues but how do you report on them if you don’t know how serious the issue is? If you can understand what is going on you can say with confidence this is nothing to worry about or refer it to a specialist. You won’t get many referrals from realtors if the majority of the issues you defer to a specialist come up no problem… This is my dilemma sometimes. Yes I would not it in the report but the question is how. Is this a defect or not.

You need to get past this.

First … what a real estate salesman may or may not do resulting from anything you decide to put into your report should … under no circumstances … ever influence what you decide to say or how you decide to say it. When it does … you are writing a soft report. Period. End of story.

Second … home inspectors report defects. We do not report the structural integrity of a structure or the possibility of future movement. If additional action is required … or not … is determined by the specialists that we might recommend. Not us.

No action needed? Good for your client. Who cares what the salesman thinks?

A Community here had that type of failure systemic throughout all of the homes

All homes had walkout Basements
The Footings at the Rear of the homes were determined to be inadequate.

There were cracks on the right and left side walls (poured concrete Foundation with Walkout Basement at Rear) in approximately the same area and systemic to all homes.

While the cracks could not be repaired ( water proofing repair needed for the cracks)
Underpinning of the Foundations were required (to prevent continued settlement).

The Builder made repairs to all homes and extended the Foundation warranty by an additional 10 Years (20 Total).

Nice to know and be familiar with deficiencies within communities and site specific to particular Builders

with a 1979 Home.
If the condition was not disclosed as to time of occurrence or any remedial action…
Structural review by a PE is required.

In over 12 Years,
any time that I have deferred to a PE,
he has recommended some sort of repair ranging from $2500 up to $200,000.

Not deferring
would eventually have incurred me that cost