Foundation staining around sewer line

I have a question on a home I inspected the other day. The sewer line/cleanout was coming out of the ground near the concrete foundation and the foundation was all black around the line. The line was capped but is the staining a sign of a leak and caused by the fumes?

Jason are you sure the black wasnt water proofing that was applied to the foundation.

A picture would be worth a thousand words. I bet it is the water proofing goop. When applied correctly, it works wonders.

I have gone and uploaded pic… should have done in first place…

Almost looks like scorch marks marks. It would seem very unlikely that any amount of sewer gas would cause those marks.

I would wonder if a torch happy plumber worked on this.

If it was a leak from the inside running down the foundation, and someone half did the pressure washing,?

The cap is not original.

I’m willing to bet that work was done on this line in some way.

It looks like a chemical drain solvent splash marks from power snaking out the line, I hope the person had on PPE.

What did it taste like? :smiley: :shock: