Foundation Templete

Is there anyone who would like to share a templete for a foundation inspection?


No thanks.


What is a template for a foundation?

Don’t you mean TEMPLETE??

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Who would want a TEMPLETE from a guy using a folding yard stick as a measurment tool anyways

Obviously, that guy is the only one to see through the nonsense being posted (so far).

Let me know and I’d be happy to post a BH Form for you!!

Only if you tell me to use a plug in space heater/radiator as a pernament heat source. You always got something to say. I will give you credit thought half of what you post is mediocore. The other half is just a pathetic attempt at trolling.

As requested…


To the OP. If you take the foundations course InterNACHI offers, you can easily make a template from it. INTERNACHI provides great information to build one on.


Thats exactly what im talking about. Im going to fill out that form and send it your state regulatory body. At least these post’s let your clients see who you are and who they are hiring as a “home inspector”

Im only gonna refer to you as “yardick” from now on in posts…that maybe a typo on my part

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Another WAFI makes the official list!!

You must be related to that ‘other’ Canadian WAFI. You sound just like him/her/it.

Holy biggot. I dont even know what half the gibberish you wrote means but I know its offensive.

Go to sleep already “yardick” and quit being a keyboard warrior without a cause.

Mirror Man 4

Im confused why you would be giving me the finger through Louis C.K he loves me. Especially after you call me a
Wafi (وفی spelling in Dari/Farsi, or spelling in Arabic وافي) is an Arabic name that means “reliable”, “faithful”, “trustworthy”, or “loyal” .

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Ironic WAFI googling WAFI

Did you find the English version?


What engrish didnt you understand?
I will get back to you with the words you dont know

…or is this your subtle way of throwing racism into the bigotry mix

WAFI-ism has nothing to do with any of that, you F*cking Idiot!

What’s this guys problem? What craftsman uses a measuring tape? Them “folding yardsticks” were building accurate dovetails long before he was a gleam in papa’s eye.


He doesn’t have the skillset to operate one!
What’s even more humorous is, the fact he remembers details about me that are long forgotten to anyone else. That corncob up his bunghole over me is quite disturbing to say the least!

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This is what I carry.

Don’t measure much anyway. Eyeball is pretty accurate, the stick is for pictures.


I can’t wait to be educated.


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