Foundation to Answer San Antonio students request for help

I have spent the last few days in contact with the San Antonio school district, SAFD fire chief Randy Jenkins and the staff at KENS5-TV. I am sure many of you looked at the video of the interview of the students of Stevenson Middle School in SA. The following link is a follow up to the first interview. Click the link in San Antonio Students we hear you.

We will be on the ground in SA with alarms for them. This is only the first phase of what is going to be a very daunting task. If any inspectors in the San Antonio area would like to help us and the SAFD, please send me an email and will get you into the loop.

Thanks for reading


excellent work Paul!


Fund raising for the project is progressing steadily. With continue efforts being made by several different people and working with a few local groups we should be able to furnish an additional 100 - 150 units.

We will be on the ground meeting with SAFD, school district, local officials and a few members of the Governors Staff in early Feb. We are working on the final prep for this visit and I will post up on some additional information. To those that responded with offers to help I should be able to provide more information by the end of next week.