Foundation wall anchors will cause more damage/openings in your dumb wall

buy a stupid shovel fools and dig or is the TRUTH that you are just a weak sorry sob? Yep, that’s it, u want thousands dollars handed to you without breaking a sweat so LYING and misrepresenting the problem (s) and correct approach doesn’t matter, it’s what is best and easiest for you, for the INT system scammers, yep.
around 6 wall anchors for ya, the wall DID continue to move inward and basement leaked, can ya SEE why?

maybe your sorry azz thinks carbon fiber straps were the way to go plus install an interior scamball system for MORE money that it cost for what we did, pfft, straps would not have relieved any ext weight/pressure and tree roots OFF the dang wall u knothead and an INT system would not have stoped the water, it would have only, at best, diverted the water to a sump pump as it continued to enter, pass through the cracks etc in the wall, that is not ‘waterproofing’, and ever hear of mold?

I’m afraid they don’t use shovels, Mark.

Eventually they will learn why it is still wet inside with mold growth, etc.

Well…we can always hope.

Keep up the excellent work, my friend! :smile:

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