Foundation wall cracks interior waterproofing aka interior drainage system do NOT repair, never have

vertical crack PLUS the LOW horizontal crack as it WIDENS towards the middle of the wall, INT drainage systems aka interior waterproofing doesn’t fix a damn thing



they leave any n all those cracks OPEN lol, they leave the clay soil, underground roots etc against walls, allow further water to penetrate, to enter into n through the blocks n joints = further deterioration… and instead these IDIOTS drill holes inside and install SHTT like this, plus many of them will hide, cover part or all of the inside wall with a STUPID moronic membrane

AND lololol, they charge homeowners as much n often MORE $$$$ for this shtttttt

It sure doesn’t, Mark!

When will people learn?

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It amazes me that with all of the information on the internet, people still fall for this. Though i know in my area the interior “experts” sure pay for a lot of commercials on TV and radio.

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right Joe, although i know when i go through all the you tube videos etc, MOST are of interior systems, they ‘flood’ youtube etc will all their myths n lies and misinformation.

and yep lol, LOTS of BIG money being spent by them on Tv, radio etc, they…have it, they GET IT, get the money from homeowners who fall for their shtt, often taking a small job, one area that leaks because of 1 EXT crack and they turn it into a full perimeter system, much more money to continue their BS and lets face it, many homeowners brains are where these days? yeah

Yep, is seems most people actually believe you tube videos!

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It’s all about the greenback Mark, that’s all they care about. 10 years or less they are gone anyways. They scammed enough people to haul a ss to Florida and scam people down there on something else.
Viscous world out there to protect yourself from that.

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I had one last week where they ran the drain from the laundry tub down into that gravel . Run the laundry faucet and crock slowly filled. When the pump ran you could see the water coming in through holes they drilled in the crock. No pipe they just let the laundry tub drain below the slab…

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Brilliant!.. :flushed:

apparently indeed is not a proper reply on the new message board…

it discourages one-word bandits :slight_smile:

Jim, do ya know about when they put that shtt in, and did homeowner tell you what they $ coughed up?

around here, most of these knuckleheads charge $15,000 ish bungalow, they will start off, initial bid thousands higher. Foundation Terds and Neverdry are often $17,000 – $25,000, and of course depending on your zip code it can be thousands more than that

I didn’t get a chance to find that out on this one Mark.It had to be expensive…they did full basement plus the crawl space which had a concrete floor I beams down one wall and the plastic mold habitat on the walls…I know someone wasted a lot of money…They should have actually fixed it from the exterior and used some of the left over money to replace the 67 yr. old boiler…

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67 is sort of new isn’t it?

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