what causes this crack is this settlement?

I see that condition to some degree in about 75% of slab-on-grade homes built in colorado in the late 50’s to late 60’s. I was with a structural engineer called to the job for another problem who commented that exterior slab corners were high stress areas and were prone to this type of cracking.

That said, around here I only see these corner cracks in homes from the time frame mentioned, although if outside corners are high stress I don’t know why cracks would be limited to homes of this age.

What year was this home built?


Was it a slab on grade or stem wall, the crack almost looks like a cold joint too me.

Concrete cracks for more reasons than can be mentioned in one evening here, but if there is no major displacement-differential movement (outside or inside walls), I would not be concerned with it.

Looking at that vent it’s a stem wall huh?

1988 its a crawlspace

what is a stem wall i am not a HS

Perimeter concrete wall above the footing the building is sitting on—:smiley:

I’m thinking you’re right, Dale.