Four people hurt after deck collapses

Apartments and condos. That building inspector will be writing for days. :wink:

Great PDF from Simpson Strongtie on deck connections

Absolute BS. A prime example of inaccurate reporting. You guys should educate yourselves as to the properties of materials and common building methods and you could form an educated opinion about this kind of thing.

What reporting was done no mention of a inspection except to investagate.

Could you be more specific, Kenton?

What reporting? No one knows what you are referring to. Could you clarify?

I think he is talking about the media.
Do you actually think the building inspector will be able to prove the cause of the collapse.?
He did approve the skinny 4x4’s there did he?
He did approve the Deck attachment did he?


I think the question we have, Marcel, is who’s report is Kenton speaking of when he says the following:

Everyone is wondering if they are being insulted. You can almost hear the triggers being cocked… :shock:


I don’t think he was speaking in general. ;):slight_smile:

Maybe it’s National Cranky Day and we didn’t get the notice. :wink:

Had another one fall a couple of weeks ago here in Austin. 8 people went to the hospital…

Maybe we should start putting in our reports. This deck has been constructed or designed for 2 people a table and chairs. No barbeques allowed or social gatherings.

I was mistaken…it was 10 people injured.

Porches and decks are closely related.
Over last weekend as is quite common around here I discovered more dangerous porches that the city inspectors never found.

Bad post spicing and in particular use of nails to support ledgers at brick are the biggest issues here in Chicago.(yes the one picture features an open junction box.)


I wonder how soon it will be when we read about these, from recent apartment complex inspection.

Notice the corner post. Also rusted post base at stairways, roofing nails at hangers, face nailing at joist, etc.

Metal post base rust-2.JPG

Metal post base rust.jpg

Deck post failing (top) bldg 7.jpg

Deck post-framing appear failing at bldg 10.jpg

Not to mention lack of footers.