Four pin outlet?

I know I’ve seen this on the board before, but can’t seem to find it.

What is this (4 “pin” outlet) for?


telephone jack Rick…

Yes, from long before modular RJ-11’s. Here’s an example of a 1960’s era adapter.

Thanks. Thought it might be, but I found it odd that they were next to every outlet in the whole place. Guess that made it easy to move the phone around the room. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why they did it. An 1960s attempt at a " luxurius home network" I suppose - essentially useless in today’s world, although standard phones will still work with it (adapters at Radio Shack) or just change out the jacks.

Lots of old Multiple unit buildings still have them in place.

They are great for turning into Ethernet connections.

I think the idea was to stop tenants from running wire all over the place.