Four Point- Electrical Section Photo Req

Completed a four point inspection recently and in the report submitted the main panel photo and interior door photo of same electrical panel. Citizens sent an underwriting memo stating that the dead front panel must also be removed and photo taken. Also, the same inspection included front and rear elevation photos as well. Underwriting requested additional roof photos for this segment. After reading related posts and Citizens form requirements, I must be missing something but there is no requirement to take rooftop photos unless completing a roof certification and I have not seen where the dead front panel must be removed and then photograph taken. This is on a four point as the home inspection would be a different process. Using approved Nachi form as well. Thanks for any insight…

Nachi form has question about the roof that you would need to mount to be able to answer. We include photos of roof as well as electric panel with cover removed on every inspection

I do like Preston. Although today had one where the panel was heavily plastered in. I asked the owner for permission to remove and photograph but he said he’d prefer not to becuase he didn’t want to have to patch it back up. I explained to him that there was a very strong possibility Citizen’s would kick it back. Also stated to him, there would be an additional charge to return. He was steadfast.
What I stated in the form was just that. The owner advised not to remove cover. We’ll see what happens.


It will be kicked back. Silly man… You tried to warn him!

If I was in your shoes, I’d bring this to Citizens attention and see if they’ll reconsider (sometimes they do). But in the future, I’d approach the photos just as Preston and Humberto suggest. It prevents a lot of headaches.

Bert, I have had one like that in the past and didnt have a problem but recently they question a little more and I do understand why. How can you properly comment on the electric with out removing the cover? You did the right thing in this case.

The new Citizens 4-point form requires two pictures of the roof. I would guess that you need to remove the panel, I do, in order to determine what type of wiring is present. I tell all of my clients that if I can’t remove the cover, I will have to come back, and until I do, you may not be able to get insurance, which will also delay or possibly make it impossible to close on the home (Buyers inspections).

Just curious where do you work, what areas do you cover?

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Tell the client what you will need to do BEFORE you go the inspection. Then they can get Billybob to help them remove the obstructions and you will not get stuck helping them or making a return visit.

Or better yet… use ISN and put instructions in the email templates that get sent to clients when they schedule and 24 hours before as a reminder.

What is ISN?

Just curious, anyone get a 4 point kicked back for not having photo of the trusses inside the attic? (Truss or Rafter Damage Notices)?

No, and those pictures are not required.

Inspection Support Network. It ROCKS!

When a client is scheduled in ISN it sends out emails to your clients, realtors and even listing agents… (if you want) You can customize those emails to say whatever you want…

I have emails customized for insurance inspection clients … the email explains what we will be looking at and what to be prepared for.
The emails for purchases… have our agreement in them, an option to pay online… and for the realtors… a reminder to make sure we have access and utilities.

Makes us look Super Professional… … and saves me time in the office from having to follow up on all those details… they are just “taken care of”

We actually have referrals just because ISN makes us look so professional with email reminders and text messages. This does not even include how many times listing agents have sent us details like gate codes and other pertinent info, it also reminds them about utilities.

Yes I did warn him. I’m not overly concerned because he accepted the fact that if i needed to return, there would be a charge. I’ll wait and see. As for ISN, I may go that route but, for now, I’m having a tough enough time with the ipad and onsite reporting to worry about ISN! Did my first full home inspection (954SF villa) and twice thought about just launching the ipad off the roof. Man what a learning curve! Now to figure out how to polish it up a bit before sending out. 2 and 1/2 hours at the villa by the way. Not my idea of efficiency. Hopefully things get better and quick!


Boy… That’s a lot of work for $65, Oh wait I hear that there are guys advertising $55, how low can they go?

Hey Joe. I’m sure those are out there. Fortunately this wasn’t a 4 point and definitely not $65.00.

As for how low those 4 points are going for? I’ve been told by some Realtors, some people give them away for free. Now that’s low! Needless to say, this guy here won’t be joining that crowd!

Do some inspections on your own home to hone your skills. I am thinking about going to a tablet…but it would need to be 36 inches wide!