Four Point Inspection Agreements


Is anyone using a pre-inspection agreements when performing a four point inspection?

My concern is recently several of our realtors are encouraging their buyers (our clients) to forgo a home inspection and just get a four point and wind mit inspection on their homes, I assume to save money. We explain on the phone that a four point inspection is for insurance purposes and should not replace a HI. I believe the realtors may be giving the client a false scene of security that a Four Point inspection replaces a HI.


Just make sure you do not use a Citizens, State Farm Or Nachi one and use a real 1 page 4 point inspection.

Mine Say this on the COVER,

**[size=5]By utilizing this report, both the Homeowner and the Insurance Company agrees to hold Michael J. Meeker and Meeker Industries, Inc. harmless for the results of this report or the consequences of the report’s findings. The ratings & life expectancies are professional opinions based upon observed conditions at time of inspection and understood industry standards. Life expectancies & ratings are not a guarantee or warranty. No warranty or guarantee of items inspected, or of insurance coverage or discounts, is expressed or implied Michael J. Meeker or Meeker industries, Inc.

I use Mikes 85% of the time.
He sent it to me a few months back.
However, If they want a Cit I send it, just to shut them up.
I don’t need/want anymore phone time .

I just had citizens ***** because I did not mark no’s under the Boxed hazards present when the box right next to it says are there any other problems. The way I interpret that piece of crap you should only be marking stuff there if HAZARDS are PRESENT seeing that it is under a line that says HAZARDS PRESENT. But who knows. I am going to stop doing that crap anyhow I believe. It is never worth it. When I do it I almost always get $150 sometimes the lowest I’ll do a cit one is $125 if with a mit or roof cert.

Mike: Can you send me a pdf copy of the 4pt form you are using? thanks…

dend me a regular email and I will send it you you when I return to the office. I will be out ALL day today but will send it sometime tonight if you shoot me an email :slight_smile: