four point inspection form

Does anyone have a fillable four point inspection form.

The search button is your friend. :cool:

I don’t see how to use that form as fillable. How do you make it fillable?

Download it, save it, fill it, then save it for each client.

Ok, next stupid question. How do you add photos and does Citizens put out a similar form for wind mit?

That is a form I made for anyone who wants it. To add pictures would be problematic in a pdf writing software program, as you don’t know how many pictures will be required for each inspection.
If I had to do a four-point inspection on a home I inspected recently, for just the four areas, it would be over 70 pictures.
I would suggest that your report writing software would be the easiest route to take. Or, you could use Word, Publisher, or some other software program for the pictures, then make a pdf of that, then merge the two documents.
I am sure someone will come up with something where you would have 8 pictures per page and a bunch of pages, then just print the pages with pictures.
I am sure someone will come up with it soon enough…for a fee.