Four Point Inspection Question

Mine gets approved weekly.

Mine Daily :mrgreen:


Who is your client? Think hard. Here is a hint. It is the guy that writes the check.

When you give a little extra as you say you screw the one paying you.
Why can none of you see this?

I am glad you do them daily. I hate the damn things because I hate when my accurate inspections cost my customers their hard earned money.


I do believe now that Licensed Home Inspectors can do all these insurance inspections your possible work force has increased tremendously.

Why would they not just do them on their own. They do not need me. I actually have been telling people to join one of the TPAs if they were so inclined, not Nachi Management. As for my company(Honor) my guys could do them either way.

I am not sure what you are saying.

It just seems you would like as many people as possible to be qualified to do what you do.

I am going to bed I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. We can argue another time. Good Night.

This Four Point Insurance Inspection is being performed for your insurance company at your request. A Four Point Inspection is far less in scope than a complete home inspection and is not intended for any use other than aiding in the insurance underwriting process.
The insurance company is your client…you just don’t know it apparently!

Nope not unless they are writing me the check.

My clients are the ones who pay me.

I would have a completely different attitude if I felt the insurance company was my client. They do not do crap for me. I do get a bunch of them recommending me to do their wind mits for their clients when they want an accurate inspection at a great price.

Why would I need more people doing inspections?

So you could keep up with the huge demand you apparently have. Good night we can argue tomorrow :smiley:

Good night

It didn’t yesterday!
The agent wanted pictures of the plumbing, electric, roof, and hvac, as well as a “deficiency statement” for each section. Thanks!:mrgreen:

As to the 12 page wind mits, there are four pages of the form, three pages and sometimes more, of pictures that are required, or “to help your client”, then, in some instances, a tile roof addendum, and so I don’t have to listen to an agent saying the a home inspector cannot perform the inspection, the inspection law followed by my wind mit certification. Usually, 10-12 pages.

Do you use my form? I always include pictures and the deficiency statement I have never heard I just provide the standard questions to rate the systems.

I took the field parts and placed them on my letterhead.
I included my license number and electrical certificate.

This is what the agent sent to my client:

Never have I heard of pictures for a four-point.

The reason I used your form was because the home has an FPE panel (2 of them) and we were trying to get around that.

We will find out today what happened and if they want the NACHI form.

This is for Citizens.

Four Point Inspections are a way for the insurance company to get a snapshot of the four components in the house. No More No Less…

We have been using the NACHI form for years now and have never been questioned or had one returned for anything other than a possible question by the underwriter. If you feel that you are doing your client a disservice by providing the insurance company with accurate information, maybe you should be on the other side of a homeowners claim when there is a house fire for defective wiring or a hot water heater explodes.

Having handled high level insurance claims for 22 years, they are no pretty especially when a little kid get hurt or worse killed.

Mike, just stop your ******** and complaining and try to work with everyone.

I am sorry for your issues. I guess I have not explained myself well enough. I always include photos like they asked you for and thought I have said that before. I just attach an additional page or two that says address inspected at the top and then include the photos. Sorry Buddie, feel free to call me anytime to discuss. I would not intentionally lead anyone down the wrong road and I never have problems with my 4 points except when folks ask me to guess when the electric was updated.

[FONT=Verdana]Hey Mike,

I don’t see it that way at all. I report what it is period. Did you ever think that costing them a little more money you may save them more or even their life by reporting a hazard… I think this is where people who love this industry separate them self from the rest… A crazy or creative response is not needed. Have a great weekend to all

Its no problem for me Mike and although I don’t agree with you all the time, I appreciate your efforts, in some instances.

And, no, I am pretty sure that you didn’t mention anything about including pictures and if you did, I must have missed it.

We probably would have been better off just using the NACHI form and let the chips fall where they may. I will from now on.


My Clients is going to change out the panels after she moves in and already has lined up an electrician to do it.

You forget, I have no duty to the insurance company but to answer the questions they ask, nothing more.

My client on the other hand, is entitled to know everything, which she does.

If the insurance company wold like a home inspection of their own, they can pay me for it.