Four point inspection

Have a client that I do alot of work for and rely on me to keep them up to speed on property matters. Doing a complete home inspection and usually do a four point if needed but on this particular property it is just months shy of being 25 yrs old and close to the water. Any thoughts on doing a four point when it’s borderline? It’s a pre sale and sometimes the banks or insurance companies like to see it. Thanks in advance for any opinions or personal experience with this.

When it’s that close I would recommend treating it as if you were going to need a 4 point…take all the pix you need, try to get any background info from the seller and have the info ready to go. Too many times I did not and regretted it. Now I make it a habit…saves a lot of time and no return trip necessary.

What I usually do on times like this is to shoot all of the photos that might be needed on some four points (laundry, water heater, under sinks, etc.) then save them in a separate folder. All of the other info, I have from the regular inspection. If they call for the four point, I just put it together and send it over. It sure beats going back for a few pics.

Ted, you beat my answer by two minutes. Great minds think alike…

Thanks for the input. Was leaning towards doing it to avoid future hassle for sure. Nice to have input from like minded people.

I do the same on all my inspections now, take the roof, 4 point, mitigation pics, and you’re covered on all your bases. Then just send the client a paypal email invoice request and get everything over to them, once they pay it. Have so many closings that fall apart through no fault of their own (appraisals, bank nonsense) and so many diff companies with diff underwriting guidelines, no use in charging clients right away for an insurance inspection(s) they may not use or need. I have agents over here writing with some companies that want a 4 point on anything over 20 years old.

Ditto what Glenn said…


Ditto what Bert said!

Just do it while doing the rest of your stuff and you’ll have it if you need it. I would not write it up unless they need it.