Four Point & Wind Mitigation

I get conflicting information about when a four point and wind mitigation is required.

How old does a house have to be to require these inspections? Or maybe a better questions is how new does a house need to be to not require them?

The short answer is that they are required when the insurance company requests them.

The only “requirements” are the ones from the in-house underwriting guidelines for each carrier. Citizens has a set of underwriting guidelines that specify some parameters, and I’ve seen similar lists from other carriers, but they change their own rules constantly.


That is the best answer. Just did a wind mit on a house built in 2013 in Broward.

Yep, I had a someone call and ask for a WM on an 2014 home, I tried to talk them out it and they called back saying thier agent said they needed it, so I did it lol

Some of them are asking for them on new builds now.