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I can’t find the thread, but someone had asked about a low hanging overhead service wire being a safety hazard, and should it go on the four point inspection report.

See the attached picture.

Is this a safety hazard?
Would it go on a four-point inspection?

It is a given it would be written up on a home inspection.

There will also be two other pictures posted after some comments are made.

Absolutely… It is an other electrical hazard.
Some may not not realize it but a 4 point requires the entire system of those 4 points be viewed for defects.

I would note that one, but only because the service is in contact with the roof and gravel stop, not because it is less than 8’ above the roof.

Here is the other thread

230.24 Clearances.
Service-drop conductors shall not be
readily accessible and shall comply with 230.24(A) through
(D) for services not over 600 volts, nominal.

(A) Above Roofs.
Conductors shall have a vertical clearance
of not less than 2.5 m (8 ft) above the roof surface.

The vertical clearance above the roof level shall be maintained
for a distance of not less than 900 mm (3 ft) in all
directions from the edge of the roof.

Exception No. 1: The area above a roof surface subject to
pedestrian or vehicular traffic shall have a vertical clearance
from the roof surface in accordance with the clearance
requirements of 230.24(B).

Exception No. 2: Where the voltage between conductors
does not exceed 300 and the roof has a slope of 100 mm
(4 in.) in 300 mm (12 in.), or greater, a reduction in clearance
to 900 mm (3 ft) shall be permitted.

Exception No. 3: Where the voltage between conductors
does not exceed 300, a reduction in clearance above only
the overhanging portion of the roof to not less than 450 mm
(18 in.) shall be permitted if (1) not more than 1.8 m (6 ft)
of service-drop conductors, 1.2 m (4 ft) horizontally, pass
above the roof overhang, and (2) they are terminated at a
through-the-roof raceway or approved support.

FPN: See 230.28 for mast supports.
Exception No. 4: The requirement for maintaining the vertical
clearance 900 mm (3 ft) from the edge of the roof shall
not apply to the
final conductor span where the service
drop is attached to the side of a building.


The answer for me would be yes.
The two pictures below are the reason why.

The Realtor called FPL after I showed her these pictures.

Wonder what MM has to say about that.:shock:

Definetly a lot of rub on those wires Eric.


These are the types of cases where I have seen TECO come out to rectify the situation before we even left the property.

I remember doing an inspection years ago and I when I started the dishwasher, all the lights dimmed. When I turned it off, they got bright again. I turned the dishwasher on again and…all the lights went out!

The frayed insulation was the cause as the two wires arced. I called FPL and they were out in record time…along with the fire department! :shock: