A few choice photos of todays FP Stab Lok

Looks like a panel in good condition.

Was the bonding screw in this one?


Yep, I’ve seen a lot worse examples.

actually looks pretty clean…

Still a Stab-Lok.

Recommend Replacement…

Bonding screw was secured, the main problem was the breakers where very loose, to the point where I physically had to hold them in place while I was putting the dead front back on.

Recommended replacement as a safety upgrade and gave the client literature both pro/con stab-lok panels so they could further educate themselves.

I like the thermometer in the first pic.
Seems fitting that they would have one right next to an FPE panel.
…an early warning device for an over heated breaker. :slight_smile:

Do you want an electrically cost effective solution…have them contact a " Certified " Eaton® Contractor and look into a internal panelboard replacement option. No need to upgrade the service conductors…simply replace the inner panelboard with a UL approved replacement that brings it up to modern standards with UL approved OCPD devices that actually WORK.

Saves them hundereds on replacing the entire system and can usually be done injust 3-4 hours.

P.S.- Before someone starts saying…"Paul, we are not allowed to say that "…I never said say that…I am only letting you know what is on the market and available. It would use the same enclosure used by the FP panel…just replaces the inside guts and provides a totally new panel cover and is a great solution for an apples to apples panel exchange.

Paul, How much money does the Eaton panel board replacement option typically save? http://www.electrical-ess.com/

…Unfortunately there is only one Eaton Contractor here in Wa. and he is across the Puget Sound.


We are training more and more every week…chances are the one you see online is for their generator services…not the true ECCN program.

I can't tell you what the ECCN provider will charge...as their prices vary but the general cost of the insert depends on the need....should be about 1/2 the cost of a typical apple to apple service change.

I think Eaton would probably sell it to any electrical contractor actually..its all about the money but only ECCN guys really know they exist...well now NACHI members do as well...lol

Paul, Thanks for the tip. I don’t see many FP panels (although my folks had one in their home), but I will remember to mention this to my clients when I find them.