FPE 4 Breakers 4 Brands

Had an FPE panel with 4 breakers bearing 4 different brand names side by side (see photo). Kind of unusual to see them all together like that.

Paul or Robert: It’s an FPE panel, but do you suggest any additional comments regarding the various breaker brands. All are NC type. The FPE OC is obviously a match for the panel. AFIK: Challenger is OK; Federal Pioneer is Canadian (not UL listed for US); I don’t know much about the American.

Panel lists: “For use with Federal Pacific Electric Co. Listed Circuit Breaker Types NA, NC or HACR”

Since three of the breakers are other manufacturers, they technically do not match the panel listing. Wearing a home inspector’s hat, I’m curious how you would comment on this. Obviously, the whole panel gets deferred for eval just for being an FPE Stab-Loc.

You got a full house

Going by the information on the label I would agree with you that they technically do not comply with the listing. However due to the nature of how FPE manufactured it’s Stab-lok bus it’s obvious that these CB’s were made for use in FPE panels. They may even be listed for such use. Kind of a catch22 and not as simple as using say a GE breaker in a Murray panel where the breaker might actually fit but was not designed to be installed as such.

Thanks Robert.

FPE has been out of business for many years. Just short of replacing panel, there are not many choices for breaker substitution. FPE panels have some inherent problems, panel upgrades would always be a good recommendation. The names mentioned have bought the rights to remanufacture replacement breakers.