FPE and split bus

Do they make split bus panels any more? I see many of them here in Tucson in use, just wondering if they still make them.
Are FPE and split bus panels “up to code”?

I haven’t seen a split-bus on any modern home, or newer than mid 80’s.

What do you mean by “up to code?” Codes are not retroactive, and split-bus and FPE panels were allowed “by code.”

I think they were discontinued in '84.

Permission to use split bus panelboards with more than 2 mains (3-6) was removed from the code in 1981 when they added the words “for existing installations” to the exception in 384-16(A).

thank you all

so “removed from code” means they are no longer up to code?

An installation that was compliant at the date of installation does not become a “code violation” simply because the code has changed. There are some exceptions when state law overrides and mandates that existing installation must comply with the most current standards.

thanks Jeff