FPE Fuses

First for me. I’m doing a 203K inspection and I’m really there for structural concerning the basement walls but even though its 203K I always check the mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Hey what! Its my 1st FPE panel with fuses.

I have to ask the lender if they will allow fuses but other than that its fine by me. Anyone know if FPE fuses ever had issues? I would think a fuse is a fuse as any fuse that screws in will work.

I have not heard of any issues with them.

I do know that some insurance companies will not write policies on homes with Edison type screw in fuses.

Never heard of an issue with FPE fuse boxes.
Pretty sure they never made fuses, just the box.

I’m going with that. Fuse is a fuse the way I see it. Some would argue they are safer than breakers as long as you don’t put a penny in.