FPE Panel

Can someone explain this to me. This is inside a Federal Pacific Panel/ Stab-lok breakers. Apparently came from the manufacturer like this. It states on the panel cover that this is the “Main for lights” The wire goes from the 2pole breaker and is soldered to the main bus below it. There is no Main breaker in this panel at the top.

Hi to all,

Richard, I ave never seen this on an FPE, but what you appear to have there is a “Split-Bus” panel. that is one where the buses do not continue right through the panel and the lower part of the bus is controlled by 2 pole breaker on the upper busses, this is quite common with other manufactures, and the lower part of the bus runs all 120 volt circuits.



Thanks Gerry. I believe my client will be replacing this panel in the near future, and I think I may be able to get my hands on it for “Show and Tell” and training purposes at Chapter meetings.

I just had one last week. Had some issues.


I’ve seen these on occasion. Gerry is correct - split bus.

so is that to say that basicly the main and “sub” are in the same panel, kinda?

Not quite Jay. . .

It is service equipment with all applicable requirements.

6 throws Max for Isolation.

A properly installed Split Main Panel will satisfy the Requirement.

FPE Stab-Lok, Sylvania and Zinsco Split Main Panels still receive a recommendation for Panel Replacement with included references and proper disclaimers.

gatcha Jeff … thanx;)