I found this on an inspection yesterday. I had to share.

Here it is in rainbow. I could not put 2 pics on same post???

What did you interpret from that Michael??

I think it must be Italian! :wink:

thats great!

That makes sense. Seriously though, what was wrong with that light? Why the hot spot? How did you word it in the report?

Nothing was wrong with the light, it was just a regular tugsten bulb…
“Christmas Story” is one of our favorite movies. The owner of the house had talking dolls and everything. Pretty cool.

?? 135 deg. is hot to the touch.
Is there a bulb in the “leg”?

Here’s mine. Goes up on Thanksgiving night and just returned to the basement last night (I swear I could hear taps playing)



I tweeked the levels and span to get a clearer picture. The bulb was not 135F, it was more like 112.3F.

Taps, Funny!!