Framing Inspections

How much do you charge for framing inspections, and by that, I mean from start to finish…slab, frame, pre-drywall, rough-in, etc…? Thanks.

I don’t understand, I thought framing would mean just the wood. With what your saying and with the exception of the plumbing and electric that’s pretty much the whole house. Unless I’m reading it wrong.


Inspections of the house in stages from start to finish. Maybe framing inspections was the wrong term to use. Sorry for the confusion. Basically, I am talking about inspecting each step along the way while the house is being built.

$100.00 to $150.00 a visit. I no longer do phase inspections, to much of a pian in the ***.

Now I understand, but sorry I don’t have an answer. But it will be interesting to see what others say. Take care.


Phase inspections:

  • Foundation pre-pour
  • Framing (two visits: mid-time of construction and final framing just before sheetrock & insulation are installed)
  • New Home Final
    Rates can be an entire “package” price for all the visits and related reports at each phase. Or buyer/builder may only want a particular phase. I have prices broken down “per phase element” (as noted in above bullets) and I also have a complete charge for the client to include “all” the elements. Will sometimes give a bit of a discount if they agree to all the elements.

Payment is required upon delivery of each element’s report. As you know some of these builds can go 12 months or more. I prefer not to wait for payment at end in such a situation.

Rates are primarily based on square footage and increment as the size of the home goes.

Further comment on phase inspections:

If client is wanting you (inspector) to watch each and every step of construction process then we are talking a whole different contract.

That puts you into a Project Manager role with oversight of the the entire construction process. May as well replace the builder’s superintendant at that point and your contract for pay would be a whole different ticket.

I’ve had several clients wanting me to completely shadow the ‘super’ for the entire process. I told the client that the cost of their house would go up substantially to cover my time if that is indeed what they wanted. After a good explanation of what they “thought” they were asking for they then agreed what they were asking for was not exactly what they meant or wanted.

“Communication” is key !!!