Framing question

On a new build home, pre-drywall, doesn’t the top plate of partition walls have to attach to the trusses? I see a consistent gap of about 1 inch between the top plate and the truss on most of the partition walls in this home. I can push on the walls and they move side to side at the top. The construction manager said this was correct. Can you advise? I’ve attached a couple of Photos.

This is what is used to help prevent “truss uplift” (you can google that):



Ok. Thanks Larry, but there are no clips attaching the trusses to the top plates. There’s nothing. Like I said, I can push on the walls and they move significantly. Only attached at the bottom.

The partition walls are not allowed to be in contact with the trusses unless it is an engineered bearing point. Usually that gap between the top plate and the truss chord is about 1/4" to 1/2". Slider brackets can be used to secure the top plate to the perpendicular truss chords, but usually an upward driven 16d nail into the truss will work too. The code spells this out and has to do with settlement of the truss with full dead loading applied, and I suppose uplift protection to an extent. The framing in your photos looks a little sloppy and should be secured better.


Thank you very much for the info.