What you say about this piece of WORK? On the exterior there is a DIP in the roof right above this area.


Is that a spliced rafter I see in the top right first picture?? Looks like they lapped it a few inches.

The dip has nothing to do with the collar tie… but rather they crowned the rafter the wrong way (unless you have pictures showing structural failure).

I don’t right such things up…its a cosmetic issue. The collar tie on the other had is a different animal.

The one rafter in question almost looks like its finger joint, which is acceptable depending on the bracing and spans.


I’d hardly call that mess a collar tie. It looks like a hastily-installed brace in a misguided attempt to push out or at least stop the sag in the roof. I don’t see a collar tie in the whole roof.

Let’s play CSI.

I’d go with a failed attempt to correct the mis-crowned rafter using these cross pieces which were originally installed in compression. But the force from the roof was able to over come the few nails (at about 75 lbs per nail) and give you what you now see.

Easier way to fix the miscrown cosmetically and not have members under off stresses would be to shim the roof sheathing with a new sistered rafter (properly crowned of course). Done this a few times in remodel situations to end up with a better looking and stronger roof deck.

Collar ties are to prevent uplift, so a sag in the roof is probably not related to this condition.
Pretty poor attempt at a collar tie, but it won’t be an issue until the roof fails by catastrophic failure due to uplift.
One ugly collar tie is unlikely to make or break a roof.

It’s a minor framing quality issue. Mention it but don’t make a big deal out of it.

As for the FUBAR attached to the rafters…it’s useless.

I’d simply recommend a licensed Carpenter to reinforce the sagging rafters. Out here snow loads crack/stress these type of rafters.