Franchise Fees

I am curious of how franchises charge in the home inspection industry. I assume there is a % of revenue charge each month. I guess that each company is different, but what is the typical percentage? Is there a minimum that must be paid each month if revenue is below a certain level?

I know each franchise works differently. I was talking to an inspector a few days ago that recently left a franchise where he had to pay $125 a week no matter if he had an inspection or not.

Franchise fees generally average in the 7 - 12 % range.

Monthly minimums are calculated based upon the size of the territory / franchise.

Email me if you have particular questions or concerns.

Dominic, the franchise you are talking about is A-PRO.

Ron, you are scaring me. Why are you asking?


No need to worry. Just want to know as much as I can about my business environment.


OK. I was worried that you were going to buy a franchise. One of our staffer’s jobs is to scan through all the franchises once a week and make sure they haven’t come up with anything new that InterNACHI doesn’t already provide to its members for free.

HA! NACHI rocks!