Franchise ofr new startup?

I am going into home inspection. I am hearing alot of what the franchise companies are offering and wonder what the real deal is. I know I can get inexpensive training and not be franchised, but I am interested hearing what home inspectors have to say.

I currently own 20 rental properties, been doing it for 15 years. I am eager to get started in home inspection.

If you understand marketing, go it alone. If you don’t understand marketing and have the franchise fee, go the franchise route.

Jason that depends on where you want you company to be in the years ahead. If you want to do one a day and relax. Then I would go alone. If your looking to build a company, then use the franchise,

As a former franchise owner, I would say just the opposite. The reason is because there is a weekly/monthly franchise royalty paid in addition to the franchise fee. The weekly/monthly franchise fee is, for all the home inspection companies I looked at, based on gross income. Thus if you just plan to do one inspection per day, the franchise royalty will be much less.

Although I have been in marketing all my life, I was unsure of my expertise in marketing to people who don’t pay me, i.e., Realtors and their referrals, which is why I went the franchise route. Once I understood how easy it is to market to a target audience that needs our services, I chose not to renew the franchise and went it alone. So if one has the intent of becoming a multi-inspector firm, definitely go it alone but only if you have marketing expertise/experience or plan to hire someone to do your marketing program for you. After all, the benefit you get from a franchise is exactly the same regardless of whether you have one employee (you) or multiple employees, so why pay royalties for those other employees.

Thanks RR.
What is your income now as a single inspector firm vs. a multi-inspector firm?