Are there any inpectors here that have had or currently have experience with Home inspection Franchises. (WIN , Pillar to Post, Amerispec etc.)
I am looking at buying into one of these and would like opinions and comments as to why or why not. The good or bad.


Why… By Nicks books and market for you own benefit and keep it all for yourself.

Learn about SEO. What can they do for you you cannot do for yourself?

Just my humble opinion.

Or you could go for this great offer instead :slight_smile:

Buy one of my franchises I’ll give you your whole State as your territory unless it is Florida :). I’ll sell you all the equip, software and website Plus free Consultation whenever needed Mon-Fri. 10am to 6pm.

They want your money, and a piece of the action.

I have five years of experience with The HomeTeam Inspection Service. I bought their franchise because even though I was excellent at marketing, I needed a proven system in order to get up and running on Day One.

I had the third best first year in the history of The HomeTeam Inspection Service franchise, with 493 inspections my first year. That was the kind of proven system and fast start that I needed.

My opinion of the franchises has not changed. All of them have proven systems that can have you up and running, and profitable, the first year.

Many people said on this message board, at the CREIA and ASHI meetings that I attended during my first few years, and at several of the other message boards (like Inspection News): “Don’t plan on making a profit until the end of your second year” and “Don’t plan on doing more than 100 inspections your first year, and, if you’re lucky, 200 by the end of your second year.” I believe that’s probably still true if you jump in and (try to) do everything yourself. You can do it faster if you buy a franchise, or at least hire people to help you.

Now look at the cost. My HomeTeam franchise cost $17,000 and recurring monthly royalties. Could I have spent that money and done everything myself? Yes. The problem, though, is that I would have been developing and experimenting with whatever system I developed. With a franchise, there is no developing and experimenting. Take their system, implement it, and be successful and profitable.

So, if you have a couple of years to do things yourself, do it.
If you need to get up and running and profitable on Day One, go the franchise route.