Frank Loyd Wright on crack

From todays morning inspection. Never have seen a roof structure like this one!





did it leak?

Yep—HUD home that has been vacant for about 2 years. Debris has collected in all of the gable valleys which has resulted in leaks and rot at many of them. I asked the buyer why he chose this home to purchase and he said because it is so different. T-111 at all of the exterior walls which is not a good choice for this environment/ location.

Was up front with the buyer that this home is a never ending maintenance project.

One big issue is that none of the space between the roof surface and the interior ceilings has any access. It is a blind leap of faith regarding what remains unseen.

Frank Loyd Wrong.

LOL thats funny

I glad you got that one Allen and not me. That looks like a variant of a “butterfly” roof called the “zigzag”. I did manage to pull a real POS yesterday but it was so bad it was easy.

I get those real bad conditions-real easy reports sometimes too. General comments: wood rot/deterioration at all exterior walls—roof covering 28 years old and beyond repair and on and on………….One a while back, I had to back out the door and called the buyer to let them know that with the floors caving in and the roof falling through it was not safe to be in the home.

very nice