Wheew, I am finally out of those damn temp wrap crap things that are to tight and itch.

Guess what?

Removing 30 f- ing staples hurts like heck

I even made a wuss sound once :slight_smile: Felt like a damn bee sting.

Facebook story below

Staples out today and great new cast. Guess what staples getting pulled out hurts like heck. Just wait for the movie link. Not for the feint of heart. The decorations are for my lovely Daughter. There is nothing I would not do for her. At least that is my excuss and i am sticking to it.

Now for the good stuff.

Can we use it in the ladder safety lesson movie.

LOL - “I wish you could go to Alaska for a month.”

That is an ugly cut. Hope it all heals well.

Put some meat on them scrawny legs so the don’t snap so easy.

Be a little to cold there right now for me.
I’ve been twice and love it.

Barn door size halibut rule :smiley:

One trip we had a full forklift full of big ole igloo coolers full of salmon and halibut. I bought a new freezer when I go home just for it.

mmmm mmmm good

I hope some day to be able to take my Daughter there. I love it.

I was down to about 190 and liking it at 6’ but now here comes the weight cause I can hardly do anything.

My new 4 pairs of 5.11 tactlite shorts for inspecting might not fit when I am out of thisw cast in 2 plus months :frowning:

Pink cast and painted toe nails? What the?? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And just for the great big smile of a beautiful little girl. :grin:

Now it is decorated.

Some reason I am never mad if she is smiling :|__)

Mike, I’m glad you’re healing OK… and you didn’t get to hear my favorite words when I’ve gone back to an orthopedic for a follow up…

“Tim, we’ll just need to reduce that fracture a little more… should just take a minute, would you like something for pain?”

me: “I’m fine… it’ll hurt bad enough later that it (a shot) won’t make a difference, have at it”

That has to be the ugliest foot i have seen , thanks for sharing, lol

I guess you have a daughter?


I feel like i,ve won something now.


Yep the apple of my eye :smiley:

The reason I am still in South Florida and likely the Country

and of course the wonderful lady who gave her to me. My wife :smiley:

LOL your wife must be close, and you cant run with one foot.

That thing looks disgusting…your foot doesn’t look that good either.

Just kidding Mike, enjoy your time off. Now is a good time to get some marketing done, take some online classes etc…

LOL :smiley:

But without her I would not have my little one.

She is like my wife’s Mini-me. Not always a good thing. I get outnumbered alot.

Dang Mike, that’s nasty looking. Hope you heal quick. Geeeeesh.

Thanks. From what the Dr. Says there ain’t gonna be anything quick about it.

I cannot even drive. Going a little crazy but at least my Wife and Daughter are still around till the 9th.

I live by the Ft Laud airport and I think one day when they are at school I’ll drive my mamma’s scooter i am borrowing to the tri-rail station.

Maybe explore Miami a little. I never go there for fun. The scooter gas a basket for some food water and extension cord. Just in case I have to bum some juice :slight_smile: I have no idea how long it will go on a charge yet.

I guess i’ll have to drive around the neighborhood and try to kill it to see how far i can go. Or about how long It will run. Time it with the smart phone and gps.

You really have to look out for those cable boxes:D

Haaa you made me chuckle. At least someone remembers my actual accident that happened just as i knew it would. Taking pictures for wind mits.

I’am just glad I do not think anyone saw that one. Wide a s s open back yard and I hit the only thing in it and end up on my back feet up in the air :smiley:

That time I got lucky this time not :frowning: