Fraudulent 4 Point

First time in 9 years I have had a client request I create a fraudulent report. He insisted that I ignore a large in-service fuse panel adjacent to a newer breaker panel. I said I couldn’t and he said he couldn’t use me. He told me he had a 4 Point done sometime ago and the inspector ignored it and he offered to show me. I declined.

So, heads up Lee county inspectors. Someone asks for a 4 point on Passaic Ave in Fort Myers, I would ask if they have a fuse panel. It will save you a trip.

Thanks Richard

That is why with insurance inspections especially I get paid upon arrival BEFORE I begin.

This is in response to no one in particular and for everyone.
Pryor to going to the inspection property, speak with the owner and ask him about everything on the 4-point. Is the roof original, replaced, when, etc…

Then when you get there and you see fuses, where he said breakers, kindly remind him what he told you, and hopefully you wrote it down.

90% of the time, you can tell the client over the phone that something may be a problem. Managing customer expectations…


Were you using the Citizens or nachi form as well? What would your fee have been if he did not screw you?

Imagine, couldn’t use you because you are honest. I bet that pretty much sums up his life, what a tool…

I bet he did not pay him either.

They all USE us.

Only if you let them… :mrgreen: