Fraudulent inspections

Lots of asumptions being made about what was on a Wind Mit that no one has seen.

I have on several occasions entered an attic with the 4-5 black marks on a truss from an earlier inspection. The roof deck didn’t have nail in it. All staples.

I hope no one would make these accusations about me. Especially without seeing my inspection.

Either way, don’t loose too much sleep on this. There is so much overview involved in WM today. If he has actually did what he’s accused of, chances are he’s already been found out. The inspection has been rejected. The buyer, insurance agent, underwriter, and the Realtor are all aware of this guy’s ineptitude. He will soon be better educated or looking for new employment

I doubt that any inspectors reading this thread believe there are no inspectors that deliberately falsify findings to suit the the requests and needs of others and in order to prolong their agony. I don’t believe Jim Bushart to be entirely correct with regard to the 4 pt inspection protocol not required to be according to the SOP. It may in fact be that INACHI does not prosecute members for variations in addressing the issues where the COE is not followed with respect to a 4 pt but I bet Citizens did not expect that to be the attitude when they approved the NACHI form.

There has been in the past little done about inspectors who issued reports for insurance purposes which were inaccurate or contained inaccuracies. Past preformance may not be indicative of future results. Gird ur loins ladies and gents I believe there may well be a storm on the horizon.

Can a NACHI member repair a window for $50 in a house he inspects? Nope. COE forbids it.

Can a NACHI member remediate radon in a home he tests for it? Sure he can. He can inspect for mold and termites … and remove them to for several thousands of dollars. Why?

Repeat after me…“Ancillary services are not covered by the code of ethics.”

But Jim, I can’t accept a stand alone inspection for the purposes of obtaining insurance to be an ancilliary service. The inspection should be and is expected by those who approved the form to be representative of the SOP of the organization who presented it for acceptance. I understand your arguement but don’t agree with it.

Please understand we are dealing with fraudulent and inaccurrate reporting with respect to this on a massive scale here. Many who perform the tasks with integrity are losing clientele to those more accomodating. You in particular should understand how this could happen.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) promotes a high standard of professionalism, business ethics and inspection procedures. InterNACHI members subscribe to the following Code of Ethics in the course of their business.

[li]Duty to the Public[/li][ol]
[li]The InterNACHI member shall abide by the Code of Ethics and substantially follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any practices that could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the home inspection industry.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall be fair, honest, impartial, and act in good faith in dealing with the public.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall not discriminate in any business activities on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, sexual orientation or handicap, and shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws concerning discrimination.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall be truthful regarding his/her services and qualifications.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall have no undisclosed conflict of interest with the client, nor shall the InterNACHI member accept or offer any undisclosed commissions, rebates, profits or other benefit, nor shall the InterNACHI member accept or offer any disclosed or undisclosed commissions, rebates, profits or other benefit from real estate agents, brokers or any third parties having financial interest in the sale of the property, nor shall the InterNACHI member offer or provide any disclosed or undisclosed financial compensation directly or indirectly to any real estate agent, real estate broker or real estate company for referrals or for inclusion on lists of preferred and/or affiliated inspectors or inspection companies.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall not communicate any information about an inspection to anyone except the client without the prior written consent of the client, except where it may affect the safety of others, or violates a law or statute.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall always act in the interest of the client, unless doing so violates a law, statute or this Code of Ethics.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall use a written contract that specifies the services to be performed, limitations of services, and fees.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where he/she conducts business.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or repair-associated services to the structure on which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report for a period of 12 months. This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems which are not included in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.[/li][/ol]
[li]Duty to Continue Education[/li][ol]
[li]The InterNACHI member shall comply with InterNACHI’s current Continuing Education requirements.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall pass the InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Exam once every calendar year.[/li][/ol]
[li]Duty to the Profession and InterNACHI[/li][ol]
[li]The InterNACHI member shall strive to improve the home inspection industry by sharing his/her lessons and/or experiences for the benefit of all. This does not preclude the member from copyrighting or marketing his/her expertise to other inspectors or the public in any manner permitted by law.[/li][li]The InterNACHI member shall assist the InterNACHI leadership in disseminating and publicizing the benefits of InterNACHI membership.[/li][li] The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI, fellow InterNACHI members, InterNACHI employees, leadership or directors. Member(s) accused of acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall be reviewed by the Ethics committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI.[/li][li] The InterNACHI member shall abide by InterNACHI’s current membership requirements.[/li][li] The InterNACHI member shall abide by InterNACHI’s current message board rules.[/li][/ol]

Maybe it is you who should “read slowly”. For starters:

Please understand that I am not advocating fraud and deciet. I am simply saying that, as long as a member is not engaged in the act of marketing or performing a home inspection, he is not accountable to the ethical standards of NACHI.

Expecting NACHI to intervene in such a matter is as inappropriate as having NACHI sanction a member for failing to come to complete stop at a stop sign.

In my opinion, our COE should cover all aspects of a member’s business since he is representing the association in all that he does, professionally, but Nick and Joe disagree.

Accordingly, you can go into a home and claim there are termites … charge the owner $1500 to remediate them … and move on, but you cannot replace a broken window for $20. That’s the rules.

For the purposes of obtaining buisiness, marketing the services of and performing inspections which have been approved by state agencies on approved forms submitted by this organization the rules had best apply. I ain’t doin nothin about it but I must point out others see these posts.

There are, indeed, lots and lots and lots of crooks who are calling themselves “inspectors” while waiting to find a “real job”. The buyer needs to be very, very careful.

NACHI’s code of ethics does not apply to any of its members who are not marketing or performing a home inspection.

Most importantly though, as WSiegel points out… we have no idea what is in his report, or even if there is one.

Complaining that InterNACHI isn’t “going after” an alleged member, where we don’t know his name and no one has seen his report, and no one knows for certain that a report exists, is almost (but not quite) as stupid as some non-member starting a thread titled “Fraudulent Inspections” when in fact… the non-member hasn’t seen a report, doesn’t know if the person is licensed, and doesn’t even know if a report exists.

As Blaine correctly noted:

I’m not sure who ain’t getting it. I’ll leave it to others to decide. What part of a 4 point inspection is NOT a home inspection.

…and even if it happened … it is an ancillary service that falls outside of the standards of practice and code of ethic requirements for membership.


I did an Inspection of a Home where the Home Seller “Disclosed” that his home was Pre-Inspected prior to Realtor Listing.

He left a Card (of the Home Inspector)…

A Member of NAHI…

I knew the Inspector’s Cell Phone Number
So I called on a Saturday Afternoon…

The Inspector had no idea what I was referencing or talking about.
Had never been to the property…
Had not inspected the property…

My Report reflected that information…

That isn’t what this says:

He might have forgotten or was just flat out lying.:mrgreen:

I take a picture, cross out the wrong marks and take another picture.

John, from the look of your picture, the guy simply marked at the edge of his zircon, not at the center line. Doesn’t look like he had the nail pattern incorrect, which is the purpose of the inspection, right?:wink:

Some of you guys are amazing. I put this post up here for discussion, not to be attacked.

The facts are: there was a card stapled to the rafter with marker lines every 4 inches. the card was marked with a date and the words wind mit and 4-point. The house did not sell, so the reports probably never went to anyone but his client and never to an insurance agency.

James - I am not soliciting anything. Would I like to see that report. Hell yes I would. If he is doing it wrong he needs to stop. This is the reason we have such a mess down here.

Nick - you love to twist words. You pull out the one word you want to use and forget the rest of the sentence. For clarification just for you:

I do not know if he has a license. It was not listed on his web site and I did not take the time to research it. It really doesn’t matter. The point is his card was there and all that was on it was a NACHI logo. Just for you I looked him up on the DBPR web site and he is not listed.

Just for you Nick I looked up his sample report. It was from North Carolina. Don’t know why that was so important to you. I was trying to make the point that he is working if Florida, but has a sample report from another state. Seems kind of odd to me.

I could go on, but I have to go to work.

FYI - to all of you doing these insurance inspections. Make your money while you can. My feeling is that we will not be doing them much longer (a lot of it due to situations like the one I bought up in this post). I believe that the insurance company is going to start doing all of them in house. The WCE’s (or whatever you want to call them) will be contracting with them and that is the only way they will be done. Price will be dictated by them and that will be the end of it.

Uh, no. InterNACHI is slowly taking over all (not just wind mit) insurance inspection work. Watch.

you are correct.

He did mark them center, I mark on the side. It is the pattern you are looking for. My point was not if he was correct. I now have documentation of what we both marked.