Fraudulent Missouri "Coalition"

There is an association that was formed last summer for the purpose of assisting the Missouri Association of Realtors in pushing its legislative agenda. It calls itself the Missouri Association of Home Inspectors.

They have operated quite secretly and well under the radar, limiting most of their communications to certain ASHI chapters and the MAR, exclusively.

The leader of this…(ahem)…“coalition” is a Harry Morrell of St. Louis who is known to be extremely anti-NACHI. I suppose it’s only a coincidence that the leader of this coalition is also the President of:

He also chairs the local ASHI legislative committee.

Any persons who have acquired any copies of communications from this group of imposters are asked to forward copies to me. I promise to use them in a lethal fashion while keeping your identification secret.

You will notice that this “coalition”, though registered with the Secretary of State as a legislative watchdog group, has not one single update for anyone to read on their site. All of their work is done outside of the public eye. A little birdie tells me that the Department of Revenue is interested in tracking how their dues ($100 per member) is being spent…:wink:

It seems that some ASHI members in some ASHI chapters in Missouri have actually been forced to pay dues and join this association in order to remain in good standing with their own chapters. Wow. I wonder what that is all about. Seriously.

This legislation sponsored by the Missouri Association of Realtors is obviously something that Harry Morrell personally and professionally believes in. Why did he not simply lead his St. Louis ASHI chapter in support of the measure instead of creating a separate entity…then coercing ASHI members throughout the state to join it?

Hi Jim,
The same, and I repeat the same “crap” is happening to us in New Hampshire!
The so-called “New Hampshire Independent Home Inspectors Coalition” has a president who just happens to be the current vice president of ASHI New England.
His name is David Roth. He along with the past president of ASHI New England Joseph Bates, the current president of ASHI New England Robert McDonald, and David Roth the current vice president of ASHI New England wrote Senate Bill 212.

As you can imagine. It is modeled after the so-called “ASHI model licensure law”

It is a blatant attempt to generate revenue for ASHI. It is obvious that they are attempting to “thin the herd”. We have a long hard fight on our hands, and we will not give up. End of story.

Can someone please inform me what we, on a national basis, are doing to combat the NAR/ASHI conspiracy? Although I am a proponent of licensing as a means of not only protecting the consumer, but also as a means of establishing a level playing field, I dislike the language in some of the current states’ bills that smacks of ASHIism and NARism. I especially dislike the “apprenticeship” tone. It favors multi-inspector firms, and, in case everyone hasn’t noticed, there are even a few NATIONAL firms out there with inspectors on salary and lots of capitol. Most of us are independent guys who like to wake up in the morning and set our own agendas. Some of the legislation I am seeing will make it hard on the independent, and easier for well-capitolized entities to take control of the industry.

Jimmy B.

That seems to be the new marketing plan for them. They set up a so-called State Org. and then they visit the Brokers and Legislature members claiming the vast unity within the groups. See its not only the “A*hi members wanting this, but its also backed by the members of the State coalition of inspectors” Looks good on the surface, but a little scratching of the dirt covering reveals all, doesn’t it.


Very appropriate analogy.

I guess we can call their president, Harry Morrell, “Dirty Harry”.