FREA has agreed to an exclusive deal for InterNACHI members... FREE General Liability

And membership in InterNACHI is only $289… it’s starting to get ridiculous

Thanks Nick, that’s a nice after Christmas present. That will be a **HUGE **savings. Joining InterNACHI just keeps getting better and better.

Bobby Hamilton
“Livin the Dream, One Inspection at a Time”

Yeah… good work Nicky Claus… ho ho ho… :wink:

Bobby writes

It starting to get silly, membership is only $289.

Thanks Nick!!!

[FONT=Arial]FREA, the inspection industry’s leading insurer, has agreed to give ****FREE ****General Liability insurance to all InterNACHI members who switch their E&O to FREA in 2008. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]I knew there was a catch.[/FONT]

Thanks to you too Ben.

FREA can afford it. They are the highest priced in the industry. GL is only $350-$500 anyway.

And to the people that are currently insured through FREA.

Remember you get what you pay for. I would say FREA is the best VALUE! My GL is $450, but multiply that by the number of current NACHI members who use FREA and those that will switch. That puts a serious dent in their revenue for 2008. I have never heard of any company giving a sign up incentive to its current clients, that’s customer service!

Thanks again Nick.

Were you expecting FREA to just hand out free insurance to all inspectors across the country? I’ll be glad to start doing that. Would you mind inspecting my house for free? :smiley:

I have received numerous email responses and I appreciate everyone’s interest in this offering. I will reply individually when I’m back in the office, but for now let me clarify some things on the basis of what people have inquired about.

Nothing has changed with our insurance program. We are simply providing InterNACHI members with a new benefit. In order to get the free GL, you have to be a member of FREA which means you have to purchase the E&O. Or you can simply get $100 off the premium if that is preferable. InterNachi members switching from another carrier will receive this benefit at the time of enrollment and existing FREA members will get it at the time of renewal. That simple.

As far as quotes go, our rates are standard across the board for everyone. Here is a link to our application which has the rates listed. As well as rates for other things such as radon, wdi/wdo, etc., etc.


Our pleasure :slight_smile:

John writes

Damn straight!.. and thank Ben. This deal saves many InterNACHI combined, millions of dollars.

I, like John, have never heard of any company giving a sign up incentive to their existing InterNACHI customer base. FREA has done nothing short of handing our members millions of dollars.

I couldn’t be more excited.

FREA’s customer service (AFTER you’ve been sued) is well known… they are top notch!

FREA is the best and now all of InterNACHI knows it.