Freaky Fungus A Dishwasher Danger

Researchers at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia sampled over 180 dishwashers from around the world and found evidence that black yeasts Exophiala dermatitidis and E. phaeomuriformis are growing on the rubber door gaskets of more than half of in-home dishwashers they sampled. Their research was published in the journal Fungal Biology.

Good info Bob. Nasty, but not surprising.

From the article.

“but most healthy individuals have nothing to worry about.”

“While the yeasts can pose a danger to individuals with severely compromised immune systems, especially people with cystic fibrosis, most people needn’t worry about getting sick from their dishwasher.”

I have read about a manufacture getting sued for this issue about a few months ago.
Maybe someone else recalls it.
Personally hate Mr Coffee machines because they have areas that never get cleaned as well.
Take one apart and look at the filth your water is going through.
No way to clean that without splitting the casing which I did to confirm my suspicion.
Only a percolator is easy to clean.

French press is the best :smiley:

Have you tried running white vinegar though it and then flushing a few loads of water through after that?

Yummmm!!!agree. :smiley:

and that is precisley why we don’t lick the dishwaser door seal anymore…