FREA's Nigel Bonnie to be NACHI.TV's first guest.

I am pleased to announce that FREA’s Nigel Bonny has agreed to be NACHI.TV’s first guest. Nigel will be discussing FREA, insurance, and how to limit an inspector’s liability.

I will of course announce when the first show goes to webcast.

Until then visit FREA at


I thought for sure that this honour[first guest] would go to PRO-LAB!

I’m shooting stock footage of Doug on Saturday for a 12 part series on mold, how to test for it, and what to do about it.

We are also creating consumer-interest shows that members can link from their own inspection business sites.

Man…and I though I would be the FIRST guest…lol…man i can’t feel the LOVE…GROMICKO style…:).lololool

OK. I’d rather screw up the first interview with you, so get up here Paul. I’m no Jay Leno… yet. :wink:

Nigel will also be telling us about the new Certified Inspector Protection Program (CIHPP) and I’ll probably edit out a separate show for that topic.

I thought Greg Bell was going to be the first guest?:shock:

Maybe we need a race. I plan on producing 80 shows this year and it is almost November.

you’d better git er done! :wink:

Do you fly your guests out like Oprah?

If so, I’ll be a guest. :slight_smile:

Piece of cake.

“The NACHI News”…a daily 15 minute recap of NACHI-related material.

Events scheduled within the next 72 hours.
Legislation updates.
New benefits (or a highlight of one existing benefit).
Highlight of a NACHI member’s business success.
Marketing idea of the day.

Heck, you can probably make it 30 to 60 minutes per day.

That’s a good news update, and then put together with a daily interview or so you should be able to have a nice hour to hour and a half piece daily.