FREC classes

I have emailed Nick and am looking for way we can teach a class and the Realtor gets CEU’s. I must admit it…he is on it. He already has stuff submitted and passed through FREC. I am just working on HOW we get the names and stuff submitted to FREC so the Realtor gets CEU’s.

Wow, he does alot for us…YES I SAID IT…

The thing that amazed me the most was he submitted this YEARS ago and NO ONE taught it! What a waste. Do you realize if you give a class and it is a competent one, guess what you become? The AUTHORITY on the issue! Not a bad title.

Hell once I figure it out, send it to my Realtor boards, see if anyone bites. I will keep you posted. I wonder if I can give it to Real Estate Schools? Anyone else have any ideas let me know.

For those who maybe not so good with public speaking maybe those who are OK with it, will donate an hour or two for you and give the class in your area if they want…who knows I am just throwing ideas around.

Russ, if you teach it, we will come.

Are you talking about a class on public speaking? You lost me a little bit at the end.


I have taught several classes at the local realtors Association. I usually pick-up a new agent. It does work.

Russ is thinking of Speaking for you if YOU do not want to.

Some people are just not good in crowds. They cannot talk in front of people well. If you need help. Me or maybe another inspector outside your area will help you out.

I taught for 7 years in the army. To become certified to teach you had to give a class in front of your peers. I mean they ask questions and try to really mess with you, so you can prepare for worse case scenario and see how you react. You must appear confident and competent or the reverse will happen, you’ll look stupid…

Whatever it takes. Once again, looking for ways to improve our image and bank accounts, because I think both go hand in hand…

You touched on that at the meeting. I can’t tell you guy just how much I gleaned from the weekend. I would love to teach a course to realtors if it will get me more business and help them with their CEU’s.

Working on it as we speak.