Fred Thompson is the best

It sure was breath of fresh air to hear a great speaker like Fred Thompson tonight.

I never really new how much pain and suffering Sen. McCain went through for our country until tonight. I never really new how this man was put to the test day by day and year by year. 5 1/2 years as a pow, WOW Fred Thompson is right, leaders from the dawn of time character was proven first long before they were ever placed into power to lead.

Sen. McCain is the the most trusted person to lead our nation in this election.

Country First and as always.

You gotta be kidding a I just got done with how funny it was watching Thompson try to spit out words.

He must be on tranquilizers.

And just what are you on?:roll:

Pretty straight forward speech. Nothing vague or empty!

…and then long time Democrat Joe Lieberman resoundingly endorses McCain.

Robert is obviously a die-hard Chicago politico. he hails from that bastion of political corruption. No wonder he canot see good in anything which opposes his precious Obama.

Discount his political comments. He cant help himself.

Should Obama win, he will say he told us so.
Should Obama lose, he may call foul.

Only time will tell. Fred Dalton Thompson’s speech was excellent tonight. Will it rev up those sitting on the fence? We cannot say at this time.

But, let’s give credit where credit is due; it was one hell of a speech.


He was a Democrat for a long time…but the party in his state refused to nominate him for another term in the Senate. They nominated a different person to be their Democratic senator. He had to run as an Independent candidate and was supported by the Republicans against the Democratic contender.

Thus…he was a Democrat…but now is an Independent elected by the Republicans in his state.

Yes, he apparently finally saw the light and moved from the dark side :wink:

I preferred Thompson when he played along with James Garner in the HBO movie “Barbarians at the Gate” where he and Garner were executives from RJ Reynolds trying to sell the “smokeless cigarette”.

Doesn’t that speak volumes to what the Democratic party has become?:shock:

Aw, come on Frank, it was at best a good performance by a creditable actor with a great script, that’s what the guy does for a living!! He was nearly as good as Charlton Heston on the NRA don’t ya think? :wink:



Just another silly attempt to discredit someone endorsing McCain.

He would do the same thing if Reagan himself endorsed McCain.:roll:

Interstingly enough…I don’t think Reagan ever did endorse McCain. Did he?

According to Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael, McCain would not be endorsed by his father:

Perhaps you have forgotten:

Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican,”

Jim I am becoming more and more surprised by your posts.

He was really cool as the NASCAR official in “Days of Thunder” or the Air Traffic control Senior Executive in “Die Hard 2”

But Clint Eastwood sure kicked his *** when he was the Democrat Chief of staff in “The Line of Fire” know wonder he moved to Tennessee and became a great Republican Leader.

You have the luxury to live in denial with your head in the sand until 11/4…but after that, you will have to deal with reality.

Even in a McCain Administration…there will be no conservative agenda in effect after 11/4/08. Vote for him if you wish. Personally, I don’t really think it will matter…he needs the overwhelming support of the conservatives that he has trashed.

Some will be tricked, by fear, into voting against Obama…but not enough of them will be tricked into voting *for *McCain.

All I can say is that VP hopeful Palin is HOT!!!:|__) Biden, not so hot.

Yes, sir. He can certainly play a variety of roles, and play them very well.

Leave her alone. She’s mine.

The VP candidates are in St. Louis for a debate on Oct 2 and those will be MY boxer shorts and room key you see flying across the stage and landing in front of her podium.