Free 1 Day of Secrets Revealed with Mike Crow and Nick Gromicko in Denver Nov 2, 2015

Free lunch too.


At least it’s only One Day of Secrets! :wink:

LOL. We’ll pack a lot into the day.

Ok here is the secret. Stop being a Home Inspector and then sell mostly useless information.

Not all of it is useless. I’m one of the presenters and I always have new stuff to offer for free, stuff that works.

I can get your stuff here Nick, lunch sounds good though.

Before I reserve a seat I need to know a couple of things, what time? Where in Denver? I’d be coming from the far southern end of the state, and need to get kids to school, so I don’t want to reserve a seat if I can’t get there in time…

Hey Colorado members… I snail mailed you all an invite to this free event. There is no mail Monday (holiday), so you’ll get it Tuesday. See ya there.

Or since I live as rural as I do, we only get mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday… No really! I could go 20 miles into town to pick it up on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, but it gets put in my box MWF, guess I’ll get it Wednesday. I can’t get there until 9ish though, my kiddos start school at 7:30, so by the time I get to boulder/denver, wherever, it’ll be 9ish… is that too late?

I’m not getting there any earlier than 9:30. I’m not Mike Crow… lol.

I am coming to Denver, I’ll see you guys soon.

I would like to attend this event. Please let me know if I have reserved my spot

Did you click on that link and register?

Am not sure how to sign up for this event but would like to attend please give m more details. Thank you

Click on the link and register: It’s free. I’ll see ya there.

We moved the venue to Boulder:

Boulder Inn
770 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80303

I’m registered.

Starting soon.