Free 11th-Month Warranty Inspections logo for members who offer 11-month inspections.

You can download the free 11th-Month Warranty Inspections logo from

You can buy marketing pieces that promote 11th-Month Warranty Inspections in packs of 50 here:

I’ll tell you the truth, I’m sure your logo man works hard at these, but they are a far cry from looking professional, no offense, just a disinterested third party’s opinion on logos.

I think they’re intentionally designed to be bland (borderline watermark-ish) so as not to compete with the text on your website or your own inspection company logo:

I do like the marketing packs though and know they work when sent in the 11th month of home ownership:

How do you find the homes to send it to

That is a good question. I have only been able to locate dates that building permits were issued. Any advise on find the address of new homes would be a great help.