Free admission ticket to Vegas Convention. First to reply (who really wants it) wins.

Here is the website for the event:

Only take this free pass if you really, really plan on using it.

$349 value.

pass until next time.

Someone get it

I already won a ticket but my wife could go to if she won but she’s not a member so I understand if that’s not allowed thanks.

Darn I didn’t think of that! My love wants to go too!

Why would you want that? :shock: It’s Vegas! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to go!:slight_smile:

Todd you can still go as there are discounts from vendors even if admission is not free .
You will spend more gambling,drinking,eating,on hotel,etc than admission.Nice to save a few bucks but should not be the determining factor on if you go. it is a write off ] :slight_smile:

Do we have a winner yet?

Todd wins.

Todd, email me at for the coupon code to get your free pass.

Thanks Nick!:smiley: