Free, big, InterNACHI decals. Get yours now.


That’s very generous of you!! That must cost a lot of money to ship that decal and truck to every member requesting it?

they look great, I just requested some.

i just received mine in today…they look awesome. Can’t wait to show it off…
thnxs Nick… nice detailed work

I got mine to the other day… Pretty cool looking.

Anyone know how to keep the bubbles out, when applying the stickers?

For large decal application, hold the decal in position and stick the top or one side in place. Then using the sharp edge of a credit card working your way from top to bottom with firm pressure to prevent any air bubbles. To apply extra large decals we recommend getting someone to hold the decal in position while the other person rubs it in place. If you are uncomfortable with the process you may consider professional installation at your local sign shop.

If you get air bubbles in the decal take a pin or needle and puncture the bubble to release the air using the credit card to drive air towards hole.

With the larger InterNACHI decals, it is suggested that you start on one end of the decal, use masking tape to secure the top and bottom edges to where you want to adhere this sticker.

Once the decal is taped to where it will adhere, slowly peel off the backing. Once you’ve peeled away some of this layer, slowly begin adhering the decal to the surface. You’ll continue in this fashion of removing the backing and adhering the decal/transfer tape to your surface until it is complete. Once the entire decal/transfer tape is adhered, use a credit card (if you happen to have credit) and squeegee out any tiny air bubbles (while the transfer tape is still on the decal).

Once you’ve thoroughly squeegeed out any of the air bubbles, slowly remove the transfer tape so that all that is left is the vinyl decal.

It is best to do this process very slowly as to not make any mistakes. If some air bubbles still remain inside the InterNACHI decal, grab a small pin because you will need to pop the air bubbles and slide your credit card over these areas to make these bubbles disappear. These holes are very tiny and will be unnoticeable.

Barry beat me to it. Oh well.

Now you know.


Mine didn’t include the tape call me Mr. Livin’ Dangerously :cool: