FREE Building Analyst course (BPI-approved) in Colorado Springs, January 9-13, 2012.

InterNACHI and Lightly Treading have teamed up to provide free BPI training for InterNACHI-Certified Inspectors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

InterNACHI and Lightly Treading are offering free training to earn BPI certification under the Department of Labor’s State Energy Sectors Partnership (SESP) Grant. Individuals who qualify for the SESP grant may receive funding to cover the full training cost.

Basic qualifications for the grant include: Colorado resident, currently employed in the industry, men born after 1960 must be registered for selective service, attestation by employer (or self if self-employed) that training will benefit the student in their career.

For those interested in registering for free BPI training, contact Alexandra at Lightly Treading to assist you. InterNACHI Inspectors must provide proof of membership. Visit to retrieve your Certificate of Membership to InterNACHI.

Alexandra Kellogg
Operations Administrator
Lightly Treading, Inc.
303.733.3078 ext. 308
303.295.2661 fax, 866.973.9268 toll free,

Building Analyst: January 9-13th, This course will train and test students for the nationally recognized BPI Building Analyst certification. The training focuses on the principals of building science and how they apply to successful analysis of buildings and homes. Field instruction will focus on the techniques necessary to provide a thorough analysis that targets problem areas, with a focus on blower door and combustion appliance zone safety testing.

Level I Thermography: January 23-26th, The Level I Certification course acquaints the participant with numerous applications for building and envelope evaluation with the Infrared Camera. Students will complete the Level I class with the ability to “think behind” the surface being analyzed to understand the how and why of the anomaly.

Insulation and Air Sealing of the Thermal Envelope: January 23-26th, Learn the building science, techniques and materials to insulate and air seal the building envelope effectively. The class is for one of BPI’s newest certifications: Residential Building Envelope Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer.

If you’re considering BPI certification … now is the time. Fees are jumping up on Feb 1.

What are the advantages of BPI certification?

Wow, I’d be interested in taking this course…I have sent an email to Alexandra, asking for the details on what’s provided for the course.
I will post what I get back ASAP.

I’ve been in contact with Alex at Lightly Treading, and they are not having the Colorado Springs class in January.
Not sure why, but she said it was due to low enrollment as one of the reasons…
They are having a BPI analyst course in Denver, though, the week of February 13-17th,
with a possible push back a week, due to Valentines day that week, and out of town guests considerations.
She will let those who are signed up, know if the class is moved back a week.
I’m signed up to attend.
Contact me via email for details if needed.

I registered for this course in Chicago. That’s a $1600 course, you can’t beat free.

Yeah no kidding. Whoever won that grant good job. I think we will see quite a bit of this through March when ARRA expires. At that point I hope BPI has a plan in place cause Resnet has been cutting tons of deals with what has always been the real future of the EA industry…the contractors.


This looks good, I’m checking into getting enrolled.

James, good to hear…
Let me know if and when you might be going, and maybe we can car pool somehow, depending on if you may be commuting to Denver, or ?