Free Certified Master Inspector gold-plated pins.

I love it. They look great.


Brian, I think you have it bad buddy. A lot of other guys are sleeping (like me) but you are dedicated and my hat is off to you (probably because I’m sleeping). Stay safe man.

You know as well as anyone, It can be hard to balance business, family, and other obligations. I do my business when I have business, spent as much time as possible with the children, and usually that means my extras (SEO, online classes, marketing) has to wait until everyone else is sleeping and I’m skulking around the house. These are important things that no-one HAS time for, I MAKE time for them. I try to average at least four hours of sleep at some point in the day, it doesn’t always happen at night or all at once. Dedication, Commitment, and Sacrifice are the hallmarks of success.

Sweer !!!

Very nice Nick.