Free CMI emblems.

Hi Nick I was looking at the CMI website and found this.

Visit the CMI message board (unmoderated and open to all). Hosting provided by InterNACHI.

When was someone going to inform me of the official CMI message board Change?


The CMI MB has changed…

Thats what the CMI main page says. NO one said anything to me. Located at the bottom of the page.

Hi Nick!
Nice Job!:stuck_out_tongue:

We have three CMI’s in New Hampshire.
[size=3]{I have placed my order but … just in case it gets lost.}

[/size]I would like 6-patches for each inspector {18-total} so that I can hand them out at our next chapter meeting.

Frank Carrio CMI
President, New Hampshire State Chapter of InterNACHI

P.O. Box 188
Chester, New Hampshire 03036

Henry fixed.

Got the patches sewn on. They look great!

James jacket 006 copy.jpg

Hey Nick, can I have one? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: