FREE Commercial Building Inspector Course

Join us at the NACBI Institute where you will find courses that have been developed specifically for Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers. Enjoy courses such as “History of Electrical Safety”; “Asphalt Pavement - Beyond the Basics” or “Anatomy for a Successful Proposal”.

Upon arrival to the NACBI Institute click on the “New User” in the upper right corner of the page and complete the brief registration process. Once registered choose “Course Catalog” in the left menu. Select the course you want to enroll and press the Order button. Free courses do not take you to the payment section.

For a very brief period we are offering The “Anatomy for a Successful Proposal” absolutely FREE to anyone reading this posting. The “Anatomy for a Successful Proposal” is posted as a fee paid course right now for copyright purposes…BUT if you type “nacbirocks” (without quotation marks) in the discount area it will make it a FREE course. NOTE: There is a direct link to the Institute on the site. In addition all courses currently listed are free to NACBI members as a benefit of their membership.

Feel free to contact me or Bill Warner if needed. Hurry, this offer is very limited in time.

John, thank you for the offer. that did help alot.

This course will remain free for 2 weeks.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for this offer.

Only 7 days left…

Thanks Bill and NACBI! :wink:

Sorry I missed it. I was busy and missed this offer. Is there some way I can get in on it. I plan to start inspecting commercial property as soon as I can.

True or false

I’m taking the History of Electrical Safety
and this question id posed …

The American Electricians’ Handbook of 1942 indicated differentiating the neutral and outside wires on a three-wire system could safely be determined by noting the intensity of shock that results from touching the different pairs of wires with the fingers using caution and certainty the circuit did not exceed 250 volts.

True of false ?

Another one …
Section 159 of the American Electricians’ Handbook (1942) indicated that the presence of low voltages could safely be determined by ______________

A. Tasting

B. Smelling

C. Listening

D. None of the above

I worked years ago with a partner electrician who would lick his Fingers to test 550 volts .Yes Canada it was 550 volts now raised to 600 volts .
Me I am extremely sensitive and feel 26 volts .