Free computer tune-up for convention attendees!

Inspection Depot is offering free computer tune-up & diagnostics for NACHI convention attendees. Just drop off your laptop at the Inspection Depot booth for your free tune-up. Click on the image for details.

Inspection Depot laptop tune-up.jpg


Inspection Depot laptop tune-up.jpg

Inspection Depot laptop tune-up.jpg

Inspection Depot laptop tune-up.jpg


What would he be diagnosing and how would it improve our laptops?


If you have any questions call Danny @ 1-888-589-2112


Probaly just a run of the anti-virus, defragging the hard disk, and checking for pop ups.

Looks like a damn fine offer to me…it’s free! :smiley:



I now know that I am out of calibration on my trust for my fellow man but - Tune-up my computer?? The information that I have on my computer is so top secret that if I were to let you turn it on I would have to kill you.

I have credit card, tax, customers, internet viewing habits, SSN, DOB, pictures that might be offensive etc.

What is a tune-up any way? Will they tell me how well it was running before the tune-up and then tell me how fast it is running after the tune-up??

In short - very few people do I trust with my backside, tools, kids, wife and computer.

I guess I am just getting old

Christine would you let someone who you don’t know look into very private areas of your life??

In many cases your computer contains a lot of data that you would not willingly make public. Just good business


It’s a free service, a generous offer. If you’re suspicious or uncomfortable with it, don’t do it. It’s that simple.



It is a way to get NACHI to advertise something on the BB that we as inspectors do not know the facts about.

They got their name out on the BB with an offer to inspectors are not even going to the convention! (Good marketing move) An email to just people going to convention would have perhaps gotten more people with laptops to go to their booth, but that was not the objective. The objective was to get their name out with a NACHI blessing on the BB. It worked

As a side note the small number of members that will be bringing a laptop to convention that want a “tune-up” and who also read the BB will not overload their convention IT staff.

In short the have done a good job of getting their name out to more people. That is why they pay for booth space at out convention. The help keep inspector registration fees low.


Actually I remember when I used to work for Computer City and people would bring their computers in for Repair, we would check out their stuff. We did have to work with the FBI one time cause of a ton of Child Porn on one computer.

Danny here…
First of thank you Deanna for sharing your username and password with me so I can log in and clarify the offer since Chris DID NOT assign proper user rights for my account.

Secondly, I thing you will find in the text bellow that my objective is not to sniff thru random peoples documents and confidential files. I received my certifications form Microsoft, and there was a code of ethics involved. Bring your computer to me only if you think it is running slow or you have a problem with spyware/adware you cannot get rid of and don’t want to spend $200 on a technician to fix it.

I am offering free tune-up and diagnostics which will include getting rid of the spyware and adware, performing disk cleanup and defragmentation, system registry cleanup, removal of annoying software and active X controls that may have found a way to sneak in into your system.
I WILL NOT install any software or inspection depot products, unless you are using Inspection Depot software in which case I will update you to the current version.
I will suggest system updates, and tell you if you need to purchase any hardware.
While I’m working on your computer you are welcome to ask for suggestions.

Only catch is, while I’m working on it I will familiarize you with Inspection Depot and what we can do for you to help you advance in your business.
Do not feel pressured to buy anything from us, if you don’t want to. This is a free service by NACHI, Inspection Depot and me. I will not extend this offer to any other organization; this is EXLUSIVLY for NACHI members.

Looking forward to see you guys…

Long live NACHI

Danny Mustafich

Wouldn’t let anyone touch my computer system…tune up can turn into disaster! BACKUP