FREE course for NACHI members and chapters to offer to their local REALTORs.

Every time I think I’m done with my WOWs I get hit again, Nick! Fantastic.

OK, working on Idaho.

It is my biggest problem in a way.

This week Chris M is launching a new enewsletter marketing system to REALTORs for members to promote their services and Gerry B is launching a new online electrical course for members to improve their services.

I should be happy about all this… but I’m frightened as well.

Try looking at NACHI as a storm system. The more member services we launch, the more members join, so the more money and human energy is added to the system, so the more resources we have to create more services, which support our member’s businesses in various ways and causes our renewal rate to stay high and causes our member’s services offered to their clients to improve through education and marketing, which makes more consumers use them, which makes their business stronger and adds money and energy to each member’s system, and so gets our members more inspections which come from a fixed number of available inspections, which leaves less inspections for non-members, such that non-members are not only pulled into joining NACHI by the services we offer and the strength we add to our member’s businesses but also pushed into joining NACHI by there being less inspections available to non-members, which causes more non-members to join and more existing members to succeed and so renew their membership, which leaves both fewer independent inspectors for other associations to recruit, which causes NACHI to have more members, which causes more industry vendors to offer better deals to NACHI members, which also gives adds more reasons to join NACHI and also contributes to more non-members to joining NACHI which adds more energy into the NACHI system, which gives NACHI the resources to create more member services… and so on and on it spirals and the storm gets stronger.

Personally, my strongest skills are in three areas: planning, organization, and operations. Anyone who follows NACHI…or even watches, a site I maintain nearly single-handedly, knows I’m punctilious in these three areas… but it’s hard to be punctilious in the middle of a raging storm.

Sounds like it can be overwhelming. But rewarding also.

Thanks for all you do Nick.

I think I’ll tap a home brew & read that one again. I’m sure it will be clearer then.

No, really, great going - to Nick & all that make NACHI!

I will be stopping by this week at the NM board of realtors with your proposal I found out I can submit it to their education committee, we’ll see if we get any results:D

This is amazing! I am working on setting one up in Colorado Springs.