Free Credit Card Systems for Free for CMIs.

U.S. Only?

Free machine is common now with CC processing companies.

I wouldn’t sign a thing without knowing what the processing/transaction fees are. This is the part that no one ever talks about when I read credit card threads here. There are pricing “tiers”. Certain tiers can cost you 4x as much others.

I would also find out if there is an early contract termination fee. An early cancel fee can be $500 or more. So while you are telling the the rep on the phone that you won’t pay it, your bank account is being charged before you close it.

The equipment company usually states who will do the credit card processing which may even be them. Only in America! :wink:


You can download the paperwork directly off of and see that ALL the rates are fully disclosed.

You should really get all your facts right before you post.

Stated on my home page:

FREE! Equipment - Risk FREE! *** NO Terms, Conditions or Contracts!


I understand the machines are free but what are the processing fees per transaction?
Square Up has free processors andlow fees and they don’t discriminate against non-CMI’s (Certified Monkey Intelligence)