Free, custom-made, SEO-boosting online video ad for a lucky CMI®.

Who wants it?

I do!

Me too!

Roy wins! I’ll have someone reach out to you Roy.

Congratulations Roy.

I want to give my video to Michael W. Altizer if he doesn’t already have one.

Roy, you don’t know what that means to me my friend, but I insist that you take it and use it for your business. I am doing very well and I know that you were just looking out for me. That truly shows how good of a man that you are and I know that the good Lord is watching over you now. I would love to talk to you over the phone 1 day. We could just talk as friends or about anything inspection related, providing my phone has good coverage that hour. Do you have my number in your phone?

Please take that video for you and run with it. Much respect for you brother.

Since Mike has one I’ll give the video to Fedor I. Cardozo if he doesn’t have one.

Thank you Brother , but I won one last week.
You can call me anytime you want, but after 2 pm est would be better.
God Bless Brother

Yes Sir.

Forget the Sir and please just call me Roy.
You are a good man Brother. Yep!

Hey Roy, that’s so nice of you. I really appreciate that!!
Thank you!

Make sure Nick knows…OK?
Show it to me when they finish it…OK?

I will, Thanks again!

Hey Roy!

Here is the video. Thanks again, you made this possible.